About Janelle Randall-Court & TREASURES DANCE PRODUCTION


Treasures dancers: Kirra Randall-Court and David Yamandirra Newton in early costume development stage.

treasures word logoMy new project Treasures is an inspirational dance work based on the life of the male Satin Bowerbird that I hope will evoke many emotions and leave a lasting understanding of our responsibility for Country. Treasures is a celebration of Aboriginal and extended community and I am looking forward to introducing it to you”

(Janelle Randall-Court, 2015).

OFFICIAL INVITE 28TH NOVEMBER, 20152015 Greater Blue Mountains 15th Celebrations of World Heritage

Treasures was launched at the Greater Blue Mountains 15th Celebrations of World Heritage Status during November 2015. Further information and storyboard of the production here:

Blue Mountains 2015 World Heritage Celebrations: TREASURES LAUNCH

NAIDOC Postcard_online2016 Burramatta NAIDOC Celebrations

Treasures performed at Parramatta City Council’s 2016 Burramatta NAIDOC Celebrations in July 2016. As part of this performance – the dancers roamed the passing crowd to draw interest to the main stage – before performing  – this helped to create a larger audience for the main stage activities which included the full Treasures dance performance.

Further information and storyboard of the production here:

Burramatta NAIDOC July 2016: TREASURES audience interaction & performance.

profileCREATIVE DIRECTOR : Janelle Randall-Court

Janelle is a Bundjalung woman who has lived and worked in the Blue Mountains for the past 15 years prior to locating closer to family on the North Coast in 2016.

Janelle began her career dancing for AIDT and has since performed in many Indigenous productions, including work by Tracey Moffatt. Janelle was awarded the Western Sydney University 2016 Community Service Award “in recognition of outstanding community service and leadership”; and was nominated as spokeswoman of the year for International Women’s Day in 2010. After working for National Parks as an Aboriginal Discovery Ranger for over a decade Janelle has decided to share her story of her observations of the male Satin Bowerbird, its life cycle and the threat this species faces living close to urban fringes.

During her career as an Aboriginal discovery ranger Janelle had the opportunity to share and deliver Aboriginal cultural information, traditions and cultural messages to thousands of National Parks Visitors and Blue Mountains school children. Her passion and experience in sustainability and in educating children about Aboriginal people and the management of Country gives Janelle the opportunity to develop new ways to discuss the growing global issue of waste and ways to manage it sustainably. Janelle has made it her life’s work to educate others about sustainability; recycling, reusing and cleaning up country and Treasures Dance Performance is the most recent of Janelle’s dreams that has come to life on stage.

Full biography for Janelle Randall-Court

CONTACT PROJECT MANAGER: Dyonne Barberie via email: db9902@gmail.com 

CONTACT JANELLE RANDALL-COURT: email: bluepheonix747400@gmail.com

Email Janelle Randall-Court directly

Phone Janelle Randall-Court: 0448 927 932

See the Treasures FB page for more information

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